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IFA-TUNDE “The Oracle has returned” to herald a strong message to the world.  Born in Camberwell, South London to Jamaican parents, Ifa-tunde grew up in Peckham before leaving for Jamaica to live at the age of five years old.  He lived in Bambury, St Catherine where he attended Victoria All Age School. 

His first experience with music was when he would gather pots and pans and play on them like musical instruments. Later on his father took a sound system to Jamaica on which he further developed and grew to love his craft. 


At the age of 11 he moved to Kingston settling at Bull Bay with his mother and three brothers.  There again, he was exposed to more music with various sound systems that would play in the area.  Those days were rough as stated by Ifa when he experience extreme poverty.  At one stage his mother had no choice but to put her sons into a boy’s home.  Their Ifa would leave from Ray Town to go to Alfa Boys home where he would learn music.  Alfa Boys home is the home of many of Jamaica’s top musicians including Yellowman, Leroy Smart, Dean Fraser to name a few.  He later attended Kingston Senior School.  He did not get to graduate as the needs of the family came first so he went to Chestervale Training Camp where he learned electrical engineering.  There he experienced strong discipline.

After leaving Chestervale he started working at Brown’s Hardware on Spanish Town Road in Kingston.  He left there to return to England in the year 1984.  He started to sing on a sound called Mafia and later on Youth Man Promotion where he went under the name Winston General as a close friend and associate of Mikey General who was living in Peckham in England at the time.  He also used to sing harmonies with Junior Chin on Asher-World, which was one of leading sounds in the UK at that time.  He appeared on shows up and down the country. 

He traveled to the USA where he spent a number of months singing on Exodus.  Soon after returning to the UK he became more afro-centric and traveled to Nigeria and Ghana where he was a initiated into the ways of the Orisha’s as a IFA priest (indigenous African spiritual way of life) and given the name Ifa-Tunde; meaning the oracle has returned.

While in Africa he broadened his musical experience by performing with various traditional African musicians.

In 2004 he successfully launched Orisha’s Music, his company, and went to Jamaica where he recorded a number of songs including ‘the way that I feel’ the new single, which is also the sound track for an emotional action thriller feature film called “NILES”.


Also soon to be released is 3 singles called ‘Hold and Strong, Melanin. And Each and Everyday’ which was used as one of the original sound tracks for feature film called “Quiet Storm” that was screening at cinemas in the USA. In 2018, 3 new singles are being released from Ifa -Tunde’s forthcoming album- ‘Melanin.’ Which the lead singer of ‘’Inner Circle’ Trevor Bonnick AKA ‘Scatter’ helped co produce.


On the road to greater success this singer/songwriter/producer and man of many talents is determined to spread the message of love to the world.  Listen and learn and full-joy the music of Ifa-tunde.  The Oracle has truly returned.



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Ifa-Tunde Orunmila - "Neglecting A Child" (Official Video)

Ifa-Tunde Orunmila - "Neglecting A Child" (Official Video)

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