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ITALEE is a musical power house bless with a soulful, electrifying voice that will send shivers rocketing through your spine. This 5’ 10” Caribbean beauty possesses the unique ability to connect her audience through the delivery and language of her songs.
Her remarkable talent for writing and creating melodies interspersed with her exotic accent can seep in your mind like warm wine, exciting your senses and rendering you vulnerable to her display.
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ITALEE was born in Kingston, Jamaica and her love for music began at an early age – Inspired by her parents who laid the foundation for her to develop her talent. She remembers waking up many early mornings to her father singing and strumming his guitar. Even as a child her participation in these musical endeavours fuelled her thirst for the spotlight.

Since then this talented singer, poet, producer and activist has been making an impressive track record for herself, with a duet performance on Shaggy’s multi-platinum album, Hot Shot; and a solo performance entitled, why on soundtrack album for the hit movie, show time, starring Eddie Murphy and Robert Dinero using her alias ‘’Rude’’ on both projects. Italee has formed her own production company and has produced some of Jamaica’s best dancehall acts include Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Red Rat Sizzla and many more. She has also worked with renowned international producers such as Tony Canal (No Doubt), Derrick Bramble, Dave Stewart, Jeff Bova, Dave Kelly, Robert Livingston and Sly Dunbar. The songstress’ alluring voice, embodied with her stunning appeal proves that she is inevitably destined for stardom; and has garnered endorsements by world acclaimed musicians such as Cindy Blackman, Jack Dailey (drummer and bass player for Lenny Kravitz) Nair-Z (John Mayers’ drummer), Rudy Valention, Gibby, Paul Kastick, drummer/producer.

Forming her own music label Ovastak Records in 2016. Italee is on the path of self-development, bringing forth a fresh new approach to her music. Engaging minds and hearts in the spreading of love.

Italee’s enigmatic performances portray the poise and charm of a legend. She has shared the stage with some of the world greatest acts.

ITALEE views music as a strong liberating asset and her readiness to rise to the call resonates from deep within; creating an unwavering path for this queen to conquer the music industry. ITALEE is more than just and artiste, she’s an experience.


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Italee @ The Sink London 2017
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Italee & Fyah T ls. Next Generation Family @ Munich Uprising 26 08 2018
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Italee - Anything you want featuring Jahmeki
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Italee - Smoke On The  Water  (Deep Purple Cover)
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