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Everton Roy Beckford, aka Jhonchewy, born inna Spanish Town, Jamaica. Bred in Farm, May Pen, Clarendon, grew up with his grandparents. Jhonchewy spent the majority of his childhood in his grandmas church. This is where he also started singing at a tender age. 

An elderly neighbour loved his singing so much, he soon gave him the nickname Jhonchewy, as he reminded them of a young bird chirping away in the morning hours. His father being a musician himself, also influenced him deeply. Lascelles 'Gitsy' Beckford was part of Crucial Vibes, but did backing and producing for other singers back in the golden reggae days as well. All of this led Jhonchewy to become an artist, because since his youth he felt music was his calling.  


Nowadays he feels blessed to have grown up with his grandparents. That instilled all important virtues and morals into him. But he always also had a good strong bond with his father. He was the one who placed him in the care of his mother, knowing that it would be the best for the little pickney back then. It was evident to the entire family that Jhonchewy had a rough start to life, with his mother not really having been in a position to take good care of him. 

Jhonchewy is the eldest sibling of 10 from his fathers side. And he took an active part in the upbringing of each that followed. All of them blessed with his fathers talent for music.

Gitsy, his father, sadly passed away in 2006. Way to soon. At the brink of his musical and producing career. He was just starting to produce an album starring Jhonchewy and his brother. A lot of former and present reggae artists reached out to the family in those difficult times. Which led to the release of the Daddy gone riddim. And numerous stage shows. It also showed Jhonchewy once again the unifying powers of music, in particularly of reggae.

In 2010 he moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He started working there and built a family. But he also continues to work on his music career. Working on his  album in a Studio near Amsterdam Zuidoost Bijlmer. And preforming in several stage shows throughout the years.