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She is a singer and songwriter born in the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, Montego bay. She currently resides in Germany. Music to her is Love which is the universal language, that heals, reaches out, touches and unites people of all Nationality. She came here with a mission. The mission to spread love and through her Music she does just that. 

She won numerous contests at a young age and started singing on stage for local and international events around the Caribbean. She was destined for success. She is also known as the “lady with the Golden voice”. 


In the 80’s Julia moved to Germany. She sang back up for numerous music groups as well as on the “Top of the Pops Germany”. She was blessed to sing on the big stages of the “Waldbühne” in Berlin where numerous artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston stood. One of her best accomplishments was landing the deal to sing for Celine Dion whilst on tour in Europe. 


In the early 90’s she was signed to the record label Boombastic music in Berlin, Germany. Where she released an album under the name of Sister C! 


Through differences Julia left the Label after a few years and had to reinvent herself. she started a band but still did a lot of compilations with reggae artist like Joseph Cotton, Marcia Griffiths, Winston Reedy, Gregory Isaac, Denis Brown, The Ital’s and Black Kappa. 


Julia was doing music just the way she liked it. Independently!

Her direction is unique, her Genre is from Reggae, roots, Folk to Dancefloor, House music. 

Juliaiasiah admits her diverse influences and inspirations include extraordinary artist such Whitney Houston, Marcia Griffiths, Denis Brown Bob Marley and many more. 

She has been writing and singing songs all her conscious life. She says she is very blessed with this great talent to sing and spread love and positivity. 

Bringing messages of Joy, Happiness, Hope, Strength, Motivation, and Upliftment to all who will listen. Her fans are all over the world.

Her songs are playing regularly on a few radio stations in the US/ UK and Jamaica. 


She has been on the grind for a long time and in this digital day and age she is releasing new songs every other month.  


She does participate in various charities and festivals like “Reggae for a cause” and other African Festivals in and around Europe.


Juliaiasiah says” this year she will be touring Africa, and there is no stopping the lady with the golden voice, watch this space!!  

She is ready to spread her wings as far as they can carry her. The sky is not the Limit! 

She is getting ready for her Tour in South Africa


You will find Juliaiasiah everywhere from iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and social media like Facebook or Instagram

Juliaiasiah’s Discography

1st released Album was released in 1995 is called “Berlin wall”.  

2nd released Album  released in 2014 is called “Songs of Solomon”. 

3rd Album released in 2015  is called “The tree Eyes”

In 2014 she released the single called “Move on out” which was on #13 on the billboard charts in Switzerland.

 “Move On Out” was done in Jamaica on the purple Riddim Mosiade Productions

In 2015 she Released “What kinda man are you”

In 2016 she released the single called “Longtime lover”

In 2016 she released “Paradise” and “My big woman” with Joseph Cotton

In 2017 she released the single “Cat woman “

Her EP was released In 2017 “Burn bad vibes” produced by Java riddim

In 2017 she released “Freedom”

In 2017 she released “Love is alive “,

In 2017 an EP was released called “the upperdoor”.  


In 2018 she released “Better must come, “Welcome home” and Preacher

In 2018 she released “Lovers way”

In 2019 she Released an 3 piece EP “In order”

 Her new Album “Raw Diamond” will be released later on in 2019.

All her songs are available on all the mainstream channels.



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Concerts#- #gema#I had a dream a vision    #artist  #newyork #juliaiasiah #technobeats

Concerts#- #gema#I had a dream a vision #artist #newyork #juliaiasiah #technobeats

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Juliaiasiah #love  is   alive  by JULIAIAJersalrecords  #records  # - #Love is Alive  Official video

Juliaiasiah #love is alive by JULIAIAJersalrecords #records # - #Love is Alive Official video

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Juliaiasiah#gema#  Vulcanic# Love#  #motownrecords#  #columbiarecord#  #lovesong

Juliaiasiah#gema# Vulcanic# Love# #motownrecords# #columbiarecord# #lovesong

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